Schedule of Events:

November 6, 2016 at Reveille Peak Ranch

     8am- Gates Open

     10am- Hill Country Fellowship Service

     11:11am- Formal Ceremony

     11:45am- Tradition Games  


Tradition Games

Teams comprised of 10 members will compete in an Obstacle course/Tradition Games/5k Race.

Each team has five civilians and five active duty or veteran military/Law enforcement/first responders.

Each team will compete in the 10 events including:

5K Race

Obstacle Course

Tomahawk throw

Spear toss


Knife throw

Grenade toss

Mag load relay

Door breach/dummy drag

Civilians can register for $100/person which includes sponsorship of a veteran/active duty military or law enforcement individual. Or companies can sponsor a full team of 10 for $1000 including 5 employees and sponsorship of 5 Military/LE.