It's Our Duty.

It is time to answer The Call.

​Those who have heard The Call know that when the bugle sounds, it's time to serve - and now it's our turn. Are you ready for a day of tough competition? Of pushing your body to the limit, perhaps alongside a former Army Ranger or a local firefighter? Of hearing the sound of bugles as veterans and military cadets hoist the Stars and Stripes together? Of remembering and honoring those who have protected us? Of course you are.   Now prove it to yourself.  

​Sign up and join us on November 6, 2016 for Reveille Call, hosted at Reveille Peak Ranch in Burnet, Texas. Be a part of what will become a national event, complete with a veteran ceremony and traditional games.  Enjoy the camaraderie of celebrating our Nation's finest with active duty military/first responders, veterans, and civilians. But most importantly, answer the call and be there. After all, it's our duty. 


​Answer the call...


Formal Ceremony at 11:11AM 

November 6, 2016! 


Don't miss this incredible event, Reveille Peak Ranch, Burnet, TX!

​16 Teams. 160 Warriors. 10 Games